Following the successful release of our first model, we are now excited to bring you our second timepiece: the limited edition DRZ_02, to be launched on Kickstarter on 12th November,  2018.

This watch is the product of many months of experimentation in order to create a unique and innovative piece whose aesthetics connect with both the past and the future. This is why the term “retro-futuristic” perhaps best describes the style of this timepiece.


THE DRZ_Type_250F

We have the pleasure to introduce you Direnzo’s first watch collection, a stylish timepiece born from a passion for modern design, tradition and motor racing. We hope you will accompany us as we embark on this exciting adventure. Hand-assembled in Switzerland, in an atelier specialised in high-end watches, each timepiece will be part of a limited series of 400 units. Each watch will be a unique, numbered piece.


Watchpaper:“To me, it is not the Maserati racing story that makes this watch fascinating, but the design, the proportions, the colours and the comfort on the wrist.”

The Time Bum: “The fine lined and broadly spaced letters of the brand name at the top of the dial is balanced by a simple and effective rounded logo at the bottom. It is clean, legible, and highly attractive.”

28 days earlier: “The acid test for any watch is the time honoured question, “would you own one?” The answer here is a definite yes. The size is nice, the build is excellent with sapphire and the attention to detail. Most importantly though, it reminds me of being young, when the summer days seemed longer driving around with a few friends and the roof down.”

Watchtrotter: “L’orologio trasmette a chi lo osserva grande passione e cura per i dettagli. Il quadrante è disegnato prendendo spunto dal tachimetro della Maserati Type 250F. I due grandi zeri che rimpiazzano le più classiche ore 12 danno un tocco di sportività e richiamano i vecchi cronografi.”

MrMontre: “C’est une montre construite pour durer, un instrument de précision parfait pour un usage quotidien. Au poignet, le rendu est équilibré et indéniablement élégant.” 

Watchisthis: “The dial has a nostalgic appearance. The DRZ_Type 250f_B with a black dial and the DRZ_Type 250f_C with a white dial are a delightful combination of timeless design and an urban, modern look. Light and pleasant, the wrist feel is comfortable.”

Chrononautix: “Das Gesamtpaket, welches Direnzo hier mit seinem Einstand abliefert ist hinsichtlich Preis-Leistung wirklich erste Sahne. Kurzum: Ihr dürft bedenkenlos zuschlagen, wenn euch das Vintage-Design gefällt. Insbesondere zu Beginn der Kickstarter-Kampagne lockt ein schnäppchenverdächtiger Preis von 270 CHF (ca. 235€). Dem Erfolg dürfte meiner Meinung nach nichts im Wege stehen – ich werde jedenfalls dabei sein und wünsche Sergio Di Renzo gutes Gelingen!”

Suave Watches: “On the wrist, the DRZ_Type_250F is a pleasantly light-weight watch paired with a slim natural leather strap – soft and supple. The dial is extremely clear and appears much larger due to the slim bezel”

Relojes Increibles: “Direnzo nos presenta, de este modo, el DRZ Type 250F, una pieza que reúne una serie de detalles seleccionados de una manera meticulosa. Sobre su esfera encontramos el primero de ellos; se trata del numeral 12, que ha sido sustituido por un 00, en un guiño a los cronómetros de mano de esa epoca.”

Petite Trotteuse: “Les montres inspirées par l’automobile sont nombreuses, et provoquent toujours un ressenti agréable quand on les regarde ou qu’on les passe au poignet. Cette Direnzo ne fait pas tache dans la catégorie, avec une montre très réussie, de qualité, et résolument agréable à porter. Au poignet c’est un régal, tant au niveau du confort que de la lisibilité.”

Geargreed: “Our honest opinion about the Direnzo watches is that they have put a lot of hard work into them and they honestly seem like they know what they are doing”