The birth of Direnzo Watches

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Since I was a kid I’ve always had many hobbies, radio controlled aeroplanes, photography, music, I also liked building objects. My favourite game was “Meccano”, I could spend entire days building cranes and cable cars. Of course I wanted to be an airplane pilot, at that age, who didn’t?

Life takes you through unusual paths, I studied architecture and in parallel I founded several projects as an entrepreneur (I also got my pilot’s license). It would not have occurred to me to think that I would ever create a watch brand a few years back. I just liked watches like many other people.

When I moved to Geneva in 2014, while working as an architect, I completed a watch design course, out of pleasure and curiosity. Once it was finished, I understood that designing watches was like producing a short-term architectural project, and that it was relatively easy to produce a prototype. For less than the price of an Omega Seamaster you can produce a prototype designed by you. Why invest the money in something that everyone has if you can create your own watch? This is where the idea of ​​launching the Direnzo came up.

Of course, not everything is as easy as it seems. Once I read a statement that deeply touched me:

There are no bad or good ideas, there are only those that are done and those that are not.

Designing a watch is the fun part, the rest is sweat, a lot of sweat! Surrounding yourself with people who support you and participate in the project is essential. It is not an easy road but in the end, it’s worth it.

Direnzo Watches is more than a watch brand, it is the vision of producing something unique, tangible, useful and beautiful.

It was funded on Kickstarter in 4 hours after its launch, thanks to the contribution of many people who are passionate about watches and design, who gave me their trust and bet on this project, to all of them many thanks!

Sergio Godoy Di Renzo


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